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Welcome to Molly's site.

On this site you will find a collection of my projects.
I have worked in the fields of design, digital imaging, and usability for nearly 16 years.

Currently I work full-time for Google as the leader of the Ads User Research team in the New York, NY office. I am a user experience practitioner with a focus on usability, interaction design, user-centered design and accessibility.

My experience spans the following industries: advertising, search, finance, publishing, telecommunication, e-commerce, tech support, academia, multi-media, hospitality, automotive, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and consumer technology.


Presented at the Usability Professionals Association meeting in London, United Kingdom. Presentation was "Focus on the User and All Else Will Follow: User Experience Research at Google."

Managing the Ads User Experience Research team at Google - the best bunch of hard working people I know!

Presented with Michelle Lee at the NYC UPA event: "UX Research at Google in NYC: Methods and Case Studies"

Started at Google.com as a User Experience Researcher.


ACM Distinguished Lectureship Committee
Serving as a member of the ACM's Distinguished Lectureship Committee, with a focus on the content (i.e. the lecturers).

I've been invited to participate in a ACM SIGCHI Council of Chapters workshop in Chicago in November. I will represent my chapter CHI-Atlanta, where I am still the acting elected chair of programs.

I joined Logical Design Solutions as a Senior User Experience Consultant.

My previous workplace, User Insight is identified by Forrester Research as a Top 20 Firm with experience in User Persona creation.

My paper, “Where Scrappers become Slingers: The boundaries of low and high tech in Scrapbooking” will be part of an invited session "Designing an Aware Home" at the 11th annual Human Computer Interaction International's 2005 conference, to be held July 22-27 2005 in Las Vegas, NV.

My panel proposal, “The Rush To Voting Technology: A Forum On The Impacts To Access” was accepted for panel forum at CSUN's 20th Annual, International Conference, "Technology and Persons with Disabilities", to be held March 14-19, 2005 in Los Angeles, CA.

Another observation of mine about a Spell Check issue in Microsoft Word was published on Mark Hurst's "This is Broken" website.

Recently an observation of mine about a glass door in San Francisco was published on Mark Hurst's "This is Broken" website.